Note to Self 1

Notes to Self 1 Note to Self: While you’re delighted to be creating a life in alignment with your heart and soul’s desires, sometimes I’ve noticed you’re waiting for permission, a nod (from who I’m not sure) that says “yes you can”. This is a self made glass ceiling you’ve created for yourself through limiting beliefs and social […]

finding my way

Finding My Way: September 2016

Finding My Way: September 2016 In this Finding My Way series I reflect at the end of every month on what I’m celebrating, how I’ve grown and what I’ve learned, and I write this list to myself from my soul compass. Do you ever feel like one month is incredibly long? This month of September has been one […]

life coaching beautiful you

Becoming a Life Coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Becoming a Life Coach with Beautiful You Early last year, I started to scour the internet for a company providing online life coaching training and certification. The minute I landed on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy I knew I was home. I revisited the page a few times and each time I felt the same […]

life coaching and essential oils

Coaching and essential oils

Coaching and essential oils If you follow me on instagram you’ll probably have seen that essential oils, specifically döTERRA essential oils, have become a daily part of my life. I wake up with them, I shower with them, brush my teeth with them and diffuse them throughout the day for supporting how I want to […]

a joy-centred life

A joy-centred life

You may think looking at that photo that we are a fun-filled family who really know how to laugh at ourselves.

This is true on the day this photo was taken. Man, it did us so much good to loosen up, to laugh and to get covered in some coloured flour, just for the joy of it.

Where focus goes energy flows

Why there’s only Plan A

When we started telling people we were moving to Spain, we were asked so many times “What’s your Plan B?”. Plan B = a backup plan in case our big plans go pear shaped. A safety net so to speak. “Where focus goes, energy flows“. We don’t have and we […]

mindful messages

Mindful messages

“You’re getting too big for your boots” “Don’t get ideas above your station” “Don’t rock the boat” As a kid I heard these words from well-meaning adults time and time again. I’m sure you have your own that you can add to the list (please do! you can put them in the comments […]

her soul compass

Her soul compass

My very wonderful life coach and business mentor, Naomi Arnold, asked me “So, how many blog posts do you want to write before you publish the website?”.

“Six”, I responded quickly, full of enthusiasm and lets do this ness.