Note to Self 1

Notes to Self 1 Note to Self: While you’re delighted to be creating a life in alignment with your heart and soul’s desires, sometimes I’ve noticed you’re waiting for permission, a nod (from who I’m not sure) that says “yes you can”. This is a self made glass ceiling you’ve created for yourself through limiting beliefs and social […]

finding my way

Finding My Way: September 2016

Finding My Way: September 2016 In this Finding My Way series I reflect at the end of every month on what I’m celebrating, how I’ve grown and what I’ve learned, and I write this list to myself from my soul compass. Do you ever feel like one month is incredibly long? This month of September has been one […]

life coaching beautiful you

Becoming a Life Coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Becoming a Life Coach with Beautiful You Early last year, I started to scour the internet for a company providing online life coaching training and certification. The minute I landed on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy I knew I was home. I revisited the page a few times and each time I felt the same […]

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I'm Micala Duvoux, a heart-centred entrepreneur and life coach. I'm passionate about living a joy centred, meaningful life of freedom and growth and empowering others to do the same.

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